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The people in darkness need us to share the light!

The dark, longer, days of winter are hard on our spirits.  When the sun seems to hide for days and everything is grey it is sometimes hard to remember that we are people of the light.  We need to first remind ourselves by getting into God's word, and fellowship with each other, but we are also called to be people who share this light. So many around us battle the darkness alone and with little hope. This store, a gift store, with what some may see as needless things, helps us share the light that we know is real because we have seen it, and our lives are changed because of it.


But there will be no gloom for those who were in anguish . . . The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness— on them light has shined. You have multiplied the nation, you have increased its joy; they rejoice before you as with joy at the harvest, as people exult when dividing plunder. ~ Isaiah 9:1-3 

We declare to you what was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands, concerning the word of life—  this life was revealed, and we have seen it and testify to it, and declare to you the eternal life that was with the Father and was revealed to us—  we declare to you what we have seen and heard so that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. ~ 1 John 1:1-3

 We have not posted a blog post in a long time and we have lots of excuses.  Life has been busy for us two moms who started this online store together over three and a half years ago.  And though we feel we still haven't managed to put the time and creativity into it that we would like to, God is still leading us in a forward direction as we keep pressing on and pressing into Him. He has asked us to be brave in recent months, and invited us to walk on water, trusting him to keep us from sinking. In October, 2016 we opened a store front in Elise's new hometown of Ingleside, Ontario - a lovely community close to a larger city and many rural small and larger sized towns, none of which have a Christian Store. Elise has also opened an adjoining flower shop and the two businesses compliment each other nicely. 

As we now are able to operate as a business full-time and not just on the side, it is still very much our commitment to manage the online store as well as the retail location. Our goal is and has always been to help you share the gift of God's word.  We remain focused on providing gifts that help you to offer gentle encouragement, reminders to trust in the Lord during life's more difficult moments, and gifts that celebrate God's goodness in our many moments of celebration, joy, and friendship. We pray that every gift sent from Under His Grace will be a reminder of God's unfailing love.  We pray that you, our customers will be led by the Holy Spirit to give gifts to those who need to know that God loves them.  They're not just to give to other Christians who already know God.  So many people have never been told the Good News.  So many people have never known the gift of having someone pray for them. We ask for a spirit of boldness in the family of God to reach out to a hurting world that is so oblivious to God's loving presence.

We will do our best to create a store, both online and in our physical retail space with a selection of gifts that will help you reach out a life line to the people around you. We believe that God can use our humble efforts to share our faith with great power if we prayerfully leave it with Him. As we settle into our new roles of managing a retail shop, we commit to increasing our presence once again online as well. We thank you for following us as Canada's Online Christian Gift Store. We wish to help you bless others from coast to coast.  We leave you with the words of a hymn that remind us of the incredible gift and blessing our faith in Christ is, and our call to share it with those still living in darkness.  It's a call and perhaps, a challenge in a way, as it's not always easy to do:  "The Lord of all kindness has called us to be a light for the people to set their their hearts free."

Awake from your slumber! Arise from your sleep! A new day is dawning for all those who weep. The people in darkness have seen a great light. The Lord of our longing has conquered the night. 

Let us build the city of God. May our tears be turned into dancing! For the Lord, our light and our love, has turned the night into day. 

We are sons of the morning; we are daughters of day. The One who has loved us has brightened our way.  The Lord of all kindness has called us to be a light for the people to set their their hearts free.




15 Dickinson Dr. unit 1b Ingleside, ON K0C 1M0 Canada 613-537-5224

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