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We've been quiet . . . Here's why!

We have been quiet! We have been busy! We have had some life changes take place, and though we have still remained busy working away at Under His Grace, some things (like newsletters & blog posts) were set aside.  But now we're back at it.  Here is a summary of what has kept us so busy:

Elise and her family were wrapped up in the game of selling & buying a new home!  After much waiting and learning to trust the Lord in a deeper way, their house finally sold.  Elise also closed down her home daycare.  Endings are sad and it was hard to say goodbye to the little ones and their families, but it had come to the time and she knew that God was leading her and her family elsewhere.  That elsewhere happens to be Ingleside, Ontario!  Right along the beautiful St. Lawrence river (where we had our photos of our families done for our website)!  Her children are settling into new schools and Elise is settling into her new job as a florist in Cornwall, ON. God has blessed them with a beautiful new home that is just perfect for their family and perfect too for Under His Grace.  We have a store room and a separate office that is warm!  We no longer have to sit in a cold basement to do our newsletter! Praise God :)

We are happy to announce that we now have a new pick-up location in Elise's new neck of the woods! Cornwall, Ontario folks will now be able to pick up their order at Roy Florist at 727 First St. E in Cornwall, Ontario. This is a wonderful, family run business and is also where Elise works part-time. We also have pick-up in Winchester at the Agora Video Store.  

Helping you share the gift of God's Word is our calling.  We are asking for your prayers and support to help build our store, which we believe is also a ministry to help you minister to others in a simple and meaningful way - by giving gifts that touch lives and change them! 

We are very saddened by the news that Salem Storehouse in Ottawa will be closing for good in February 2015.  Christian stores are closing down across the country!  A big part of that comes from the changes in the way people shop.  Music is now downloaded so CDs don't really sell much.  Books are ordered on-line through retail giants like Amazon.  But Christian gifts are harder to find on-line so that is why we have chosen to keep our focus here, though we can order books and music for you anytime! Just send us an email!

When considering giving a Christian gift, there are times when we hesitate, thinking it's too "religious" or "holy".  We might "offend" or "maybe, it's not really my place", "Maybe it would be better for someone closer to them to give them something like that."  But what if you are the ONLY one in their life?!   Trish shares in a previously published blog how a co-worker boldly gave her a Bible as a gift and how it changed her life.  Elise can look back on her life and remember gifts that impacted her faith walk too.  

In this season of preparation for the coming of our Saviour, think about the people whose lives are missing that light of truth! Give a gift that shares God's word and encourages faith.  Pray that God will lead you to the right gifts when doing your Christmas shopping this year and trust that his Word does not return void - it always accomplishes that which it is sent forth to do! (Isaiah 55:11)

We thank you for your prayers & support.  Please tells others we are here! 
God bless!
Elise & Trish



15 Dickinson Dr. unit 1b Ingleside, ON K0C 1M0 Canada 613-537-5224

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